Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dance! Love it!

Well school starts a week from tomorrow. and i am so excited! I have been going to dance on the week days to practice. It is so much fun! It is amazing we have only really talked and hung out for a week and we are already all best friends. I love dance so much. And i cant wait till Wednesday and Thursday because i have practice on Wednesday then on Thursday i have a performance for the 7Th graders. It is so cool to cause we got our uniforms. for our thing on Thursday we are wearing just these shirts that say "Dance Kearns Jr. High" Its black and its sooooo cute. and i think it looks way good on me. Then we also got our plain black pants with our other shirts. And this shirt is way cute it is just a camie on the bottom then on top we are putting a spaghetti strap net thing over and i think it is waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy cute! well any ways can't wait!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Best Friends!

Yesterday my friends maisha and lindy came over and we took some cute pics. :-)

they are the best! i love you guys!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I just want to talk about random things and show you some crazy pics. :-) this is my mommy and my little sister Sarah.
these are some of my old friends that i really miss!!!

These are my new friends that i totally Adore!!! this is the time we went to the Ice rink as a mutual activity. (Maisha, don, Katey, and Lexi)
It was so much fun! (jace)

this is my little sister gabby. and she is wearing a dress i made out of a garbage sack.isn't she such a great model!

When i grow up i would like to do stuff like this for a living

And sorry i couldn't figure out how to rotate the 2 pics sorry.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Btw... my friends are fine and that's all i will say about that. any ways here are some fun stuff from my day. Btw i love messing around and having fun!!!! that's this is all is . fun fun fun!!! more of me just having fun
I love to take care of and enjoy my flowers
posing for some silly pics. :-)

Scared and worried

Today i am scared. My mom and dad went camping and we stayed home. And i was some what mad cause i wasn't allowed to go out with my friends. but this morning i herd from my friend that our other 2 friends Maisha and Lindy are missing. i am scared and worried about my 2 friends but i am grateful that my parents left and said no friends. or my sister and me would have been out there with them. i just hope they are out there close and OK. i don't even want to think of the bad stuff. i mean we went to the pool together on Wednesday. I just really hope they find them soon. But the sad part is they don't know who they are with or where they might be. all they know is they are gone. And they are always out with friends and stuff so they don't even know when they went missing. All we can do know is look, hope , and pray.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Swimming party

Well i had lots of fun yesterday. My family and i went to the pool with all the people in my ward it was lots of fun! we were able to get into the pool at 8 and we left at 10. it was cool cause it got all dark and stuff. But i kinda feel stupid about one thing, well this guy was trying to dunk my best friend so i went to go help her and instead i got dunked. and i thought i was above water so i gasped and well..... i wasn't to ya i was coughing and all that stuff and i felt stupid cause the guy I like was just like right there. i felt way stupid. but it was OK cause that gave us some thing to talk about. But after that i was going to get out of the pool and i went to the shallow part and i kept falling because of the current. but when i about to step out i fell again! but that time i hurt my hand and my foot. and one of my toes are bruised and cut. i feel soooooo stupid. oh well i had fun last night and that's all that matters right.